Review: Hannah Copley’s Lapwing sequence

Lapwing, otherwise known as Vanellus vanellus, otherwise known as pilfered from google images I'd never heard of a lapwing before I read the sequence described by Copley as 'part migraine, part eco, part macho, part etymo, part alco, part auto' - perhaps part testament to the eco element, part testament to my skill as a … Continue reading Review: Hannah Copley’s Lapwing sequence

Reading: How Easy It Is to Make a Ghost (Stand 18.4)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nRascvVRMw Happy V-Day Daddy, I've made you a dish of Masculinity Flambé in breast butter roux, with mirror croutons scattered on a bed of pearls - for dessert we've gold-leaf Princess cake and echo wine. I've got the candles lit, don't you worry about a thing. Open your mouth now, Daddy. Belle appétite.P.S. Thanks 🦖 … Continue reading Reading: How Easy It Is to Make a Ghost (Stand 18.4)